I am a qualified acupuncturist and member of the British Acupuncture Council. I hold a first class honours degree from Lincoln University. My skills include a wide range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies including acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina massage, gua sha and cupping. I maintain a system of continued professional development to refresh and develop my skills.

I practice from The Sean Barkes Clinic in North Hykeham. My interest is in classical oriental medicine, particularly acupuncture, lifestyle and dietary practices. I am also a keen photographer and have an interest in the environment the natural world.



I was born in London in the 60s to my father a stunt man and my mother a writer. My father was working in Spain at the time, so at the age of 3 weeks I was placed lovingly in a wicker basket and flown to Dénia. I spent the next few years in Spain having, by all accounts, a wonderful time and we returned to London when I was 5. I started school in London’s Shepherd’s Bush until my mother decided we should move to the country.

My career started as a freelance camera assistant working on feature films, television and commercials but after a few years I decided that I needed to explore and experience different cultures. I travelled around Europe for some years, working here and there doing pretty much anything and everything to support myself. I met many interesting and colourful characters and my path to self-reflection and ultimately traditional Chinese medicine began.

On returning to England in the mid-1980s I developed an interest in technology and the growing market in personal computing. Being young and idealistic I thought the power of technology was going to revolutionise the world by abolishing hunger and inequality, perhaps it still may. I discovered a talent for writing computer code and made a living coding and writing for computer magazines. Increasingly fooled by the notion that I wanted fast cars and the latest toys my path strayed for many years. I carved a career working for corporate and government agencies as an engineer and subsequently a project manager until my ethics and stress got the better of me.

Fortunately, my hippy roots hadn’t completely faded and again I needed to explore ways of living a more satisfying life. As fate would have it I stumbled upon a path to the holistic community at Atsitsa Bay on the Greek island of Skyros. Here I took respite, rediscovered the spirit of life and realised that I needed change to nourish my soul. I met many inspiring people on Skyros who projected a harmonious world attitude and introduced me to a fuller understanding of the necessity for external and internal balance (Yin & Yang). On a subsequent visit to Skyros I met my life partner, she and I are now exploring together.

Later in my life I experienced health concerns that brought me into intensive contact with the NHS and Western medicine; an experience that no doubt saved my life but left a feeling that there must be better complementary or alternative ways of treating health issues. Through research and philosophical interest I discovered classical oriental medicine and ended up studying full time for a science degree in acupuncture at Lincoln University.


The practice of TCM affords me rich personal growth; this along with the pleasure of seeing people’s well-being improved and often transformed makes me think I will stay on this path, albeit with the odd detour along the way.

Austin Austin



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