Spleen Pathologies and Diet

Are you a worrier, over-thinker, prone to low moods, tired with loose stools, prone to bloating after eating, have a feeling of weak limbs, a tendency to obesity or even overly thin? These signs & symptoms point towards the diagnosis of a Spleen pathology in traditional Chinese medicine and you may be wise to avoid diary and even bananas! To find out more book a free consultation, it may change your life.

I was prompted to write this post in response to a blog by Ian Claxton suggesting that diary is bad for us, see his blog here.

In general I agree with Ian’s comments. Dairy is often a contributory factor in illnesses that I see at the acupuncture clinic. In many cases I believe patients would be healthier for giving up diary. However for a few ‘deficient’ people the nourishing qualities of milk can be beneficial but only in untreated or organic full fat milk or better still organic goats milk, but like all things it is only healthy in moderation and unfortunately highly processed diary is everywhere and difficult to avoid.

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