Routine Pre-Birth Treatments

One of the leading experts in the use of acupuncture in pregnancy and childbirth is Debra Betts and I often look to her teachings, including the recommending of acupuncture as a pre-birth treatment.

The following is the introduction to ‘THE USE OF ACUPUNCTURE AS A ROUTINE PRE-BIRTH TREATMENT’ written by Debra Betts and published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine (October 2004:76).

“Pre-birth acupuncture refers to a series of treatments in the final weeks of pregnancy to prepare women for childbirth. Research1 has demonstrated that the mean duration of labour in a group of women giving birth for the first time was reduced from 8 hours and 2 minutes in the control group (70 women) to 6 hours and 36 minutes in the group of 70 women who had received pre-birth acupuncture. In clinical practice acupuncture is an ideal method to help women prepare themselves to have the most efficient labour possible. Feedback suggests that pre-birth acupuncture offers a range of positive effects in labour that goes beyond reducing the time spent in labour, with midwives reporting a reduced rate of medical intervention. This article outlines the use of pre-birth treatments in clinical practice in the hope that this will encourage practitioners to promote this practical treatment.”

The full article is aimed at acupuncture practitioners but I thought it my be of interest to some of my existing clients and others interested in acupuncture for pre-birth treatments, a full copy of the article can be found here.

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